Why Visit Malaysia

Top 5 Most Popular Tourist Destination in Asia Pacific

Diverse Culture

Varoious reasons why many tourist visit Malaysia. Explore the diverse culture. More than 50% of the 32 million population are ethnic Malays. Other minority groups include Chinese, Indians and various indigenous peoples that contribute to the cultural diversity

PETRONAS Twin Towers

Not to be missed in Klang Valley is the Tallest Twin Towers in the World. At 452 meters tall this the most iconic sights in the world

Multicultural Food

The diversity of Malaysia’s population has brought together many different traditional cuisines and distinct tastes from all over Asia. Get to know Peranakan, or Baba-Nyonyan, Indonesian and Balinese culinary food styles

UNESCO Heritage sites

There are 4 UNESCO Heritage sites. Gunung Mulu National Park, Kinabalu Park, historic state of Melaka, George Town Penang and Lenggong Valley a archaeological heritage site

Straits of Malacca

Modern-day pirates are known to patrol along the straits of Malacca. As the main shipping channel along the Malay Peninsular, it is one of the most important shipping lanes in the world


Best time to visit Malaysia is during Ramadan. A feasting during the Ramadan evening night market with Malay Muslim delicacies. And celebrate Hari Raya Puasa occasion following a month of fasting


Leading Tourism Destination

Malaysia is blessed with a diverse colorful culture. Every year there are many various cultural festivals and activities. Malaysia consistently attracts more than 25 million international visitors. And it is the top 5 most popular tourist destination in Asia Pacific. Some highly recommended places of interest –

  • Kuala Terengganu – capital of Terengganu, famous for the turtles and beaches
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Fraser’s Hill, Pahang
  • Putrajaya – the city centre of Malaysia
KL 1

Recommended Destinations – George Town, the capital city of Penang, is located on Penang island. George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see many pre world war 2 shop houses and colonial buildings. If you are a foodie lover, try their famous Penang Laksa or Char Koay Teow, most popular local cuisine.


Malacca or Melaka – a historical city in Malaysia. This is the other cultural World Heritage Site. The city centre has a rich historical and cultural background from previously Portuguese, Dutch and British rule. Malacca was simply a Malay fishing village but has a strong favor of Peranakan culture. Take a city tour of Jonker Walk Night Market in Malacca. You will find many local amazing foods uniquely only in Malacca.


Recommended Destinations – Ipoh, capital of Perak, famous for excellent restaurants and famous local Chinese dishes. We recommend Ipoh Dim Sum. Ipoh is known to serve up some of the country’s best Dim Sum. Choose a combination of a guided food tour and city day tour for the best experiences possible. These tours take you for reals taste of local specialties

  • Gunung Mulu National Park
  • Pulau Kukup National Park
  • Sungai Pandan Waterfall
  • Langkawi Island
  • Tioman Island
  • Redang Island
  • Rawa Island – Maldives of Malaysia
Storm island

Go beyond Peninsular Malaysia

Explore Sabah and Sarawak