COVID-19 Updates For Southeast Asia

Travel Advisory And Recommendations

Your Safety & Health Always Comes First

Our COVID-19 Travel advisory are to be strictly followed. Please refer to the COVID-19 Updates for Southeast Asia if the country you are flying to is safe for travel.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking order if you fail to follow said instructions. We introduced a safety and health COVID-19 protocol which are to be followed for all our Driver partners and passengers. Please protect yourself as we ensure you travel in comfort at the same time with peace of mind in any destination.

We recommend you are contactable via Whatsapp. Ensure you have mobile internet services and remain contactable at all times. For your safety and health reasons avoid taking public transport and metro. You should always arrange and schedule a private airport transfer after landing in any country.


Please seek medical attention immediately

COVID-19 Updates for Southeast Asia
  • Philippines 119,460
    Confirmed: 119,460
    Active: 50,473
    Recovered: 66,837
    Death: 2,150
  • Indonesia 118,753
    Confirmed: 118,753
    Active: 37,587
    Recovered: 75,645
    Death: 5,521
  • Singapore 54,555
    Confirmed: 54,555
    Active: 6,497
    Recovered: 48,031
    Death: 27
  • Malaysia 9,038
    Confirmed: 9,038
    Active: 200
    Recovered: 8,713
    Death: 125
  • Thailand 3,330
    Confirmed: 3,330
    Active: 124
    Recovered: 3,148
    Death: 58
  • Vietnam 747
    Confirmed: 747
    Active: 345
    Recovered: 392
    Death: 10
  • Cambodia 243
    Confirmed: 243
    Active: 33
    Recovered: 210
    Death: N/A
  • Brunei 141
    Confirmed: 141
    Active: N/A
    Recovered: 138
    Death: 3
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic 20
    Lao People's Democratic Republic
    Confirmed: 20
    Active: 1
    Recovered: 19
    Death: N/A


All our sedans, minivans, minibus and limousines will go through sanitisation and disinfection before every ride. You may be asked to upgrade to a MPV People carrier or a minivan if you are travelling in a group of more than 3 persons, subject to additional costs

Clean Air

10 minute intervals in-between transfers to allow enough time to clear the air in the car cabin. We recommend travel in our vehicles with windows wind down. Minimize use of car air-conditioning and enjoy the fresh air

Social Distance

We recommend contactless ride. That is; no Meet and Greet services at the Arrivals hall. Do not shake hands, hug or kiss. You will be greeted with a friendly bright smiling face instead


You may be subject to temperature screening to determine if you are running a fever. Do not travel if you are feeling unwell. Compulsory wearing of face mask & personal protective gear for driver & passengers at all times. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are given upon request