We hire based on your passion, not on your paper qualifications

Think you are a Hacker? Coder? Programmer? Software developer? We need you to showcase what you can build and flaunt your special skills. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with a platform for the things that really matter. Personal growth. If you eat and sleep and shit with your computer code, and your friends call you geek, we want you! We could talk about our culture & values all day long but we'd prefer to show you.

What we are looking for

A strong passion to building great, well organized code. You write programming language as if you are writing love letters with heart and soul. You desire for perfection and will defend it till your last breath. Peers you've worked with think extremely highly of you. As a web developer you have a personal need to make a huge impact on all your projects. From idea, product design, implementation, deployment, refinement and performance tuning

Ever since you left school you have been

Shipping web applications to production. Using test-driven Development to guide your software design and catch bugs and regressions. You are so obsessive you treat software engineering like a fanatic. You may be a geek but not nerd because you believe in your own intellectual pursuit of software development.

You should have experience

Developing, releasing, and maintaining web applications. Comfortable with server-side framework, front-end technologies, libraries and frameworks. Ability to write elegant, readable code that probably only you can understand. Attention to software development fundamentals and track record of agile software methodologies. Bonus if you have evidence of community involvement, i.e. open source contributions

Full Stack Engineer, Backend/Frontend Developers, UI/UX Designers, Machine Learning Expert, Data Scientist & Digital Nomads Are Welcome To Apply

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