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Properture aggregate groups of home buyers and approach Property Developers directly to negotiate scale-based bargains which would be impossible for any individual home buyers hoping to achieve. Groups of friends, family, relatives and colleagues or even of like-minded strangers and investors who are interested in the same project development can come together as one force. Always in a beneficial position when it comes to cumulative and collective bargaining power. When there is volume, there is power. There is more power in numbers. When you have numbers, you have bigger bargaining chip. Property Bulk Purchase is the new trend of real estate group buying. Property Bulk Purchase is simply buying properties at below market value at wholesale price, not retail price.


Group buying is a proven viable option for homebuyers looking forward to get attractive discounts from Property Developers. Potential home buyers connect with one another through our Paid subscription membership.


Once a group is formed with enough specific preferences for its targeted location, our company negotiates directly with Property Developers on the group’s behalf. We buy in bulk wholesale, bulk purchase discounts.

Group Network

Instead of just using bank’s financial leverage, piggyback on our Investor’s Group Network as leverage. Maximise our Network potential and leverage on our group for better payment & financing terms

Buy Below Market Value

Gain exclusive access to opportunistic and insider deals. Capitalise on Distressed Assets, Undervalued Properties, Mortgagee Sales and Off-market Opportunities

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Property Bulk Purchase

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The New Trend in Real Estate Group Buying

Properture inspires Property Investors and House Hunters to think beyond traditional boundaries. To look at real estate asset as a form of long term investment rather than as short term speculative hedge. We awere Deal Makers, Strategists and Property Investors ourselves. We provide special Machine learning and algorithm to maximize buyer's most preferred and suitable real estate. Our core area of specialization include Property Bulk Purchase, Crowdfunding, real estate investment analysis, transactional and risk management. We walk our clients through every step of the process of buying, selling and managing Singapore real estate. Before you go out and look for any property investments, it is advisable to do your homework and research. There are definitely many investment opportunities if you know how to determine what is a good deal. Buying into a good location is probably only half the game.

  • Enjoys the benefits of economy of scale for himself by paying a lower price per square foot in exchange for purchasing a significant large number of units

  • We aggregate the demand and submit a propose bid

  • There is more power in numbers. When you have numbers, you have bigger bargaining chip

  • Bulk Purchase is simply buying at Wholesale price; not at Retail price.

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