Investment Group Network

Property Bulk Purchase - The Power of Group Buying

The collectively power of group buying are based around members who have a common objective and goal; and their needs are central to individual and family motivations.

Buying a good real estate property in a good location is only half the game.

We used to consider many factors such as general economic fundamentals, political stability, population growth; influx of foreign direct investments, market liquidity; maximizing our leverage and getting a good legal adviser. But your entry price is still the sole common denominator in decision making.

Many home buyers who have a real need for housing are continuing sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right time to enter the Singapore property market. Most would try to do it yourself by negotiating on their own without any bargaining power or leverage; trying to negotiate on your own is inefficient and lacks economy of scale.

Buying real estate property is never about the right timing. Property prices do not fluctuate on a daily basis like the stock market.

You Don’t Need The Right Time. You Just Need The Right Price.

Buy at Bulk Purchase Price

Leverage on Investment Group Network

It will be overwhelming for any buyer trying to negotiate on their own. It’s unlikely for a typical home buyer to get any meaning discounts off the Recommend Retail Price based on just one single housing unit. Most end up chasing the market for fear of losing out and end up buying at normal retail price.

As an individual, there is no way home buyers can negotiate for a better deal. The transaction costs are high with every individual units sold. Individual buyers will not have bargaining power in a market dominated by big powerful real estate players.

Our Investment Group Network offers what you can’t do on your own. Leveraging on Group Network. By coming together and forming a group, any individual buyers can piggyback on our volume and increase their bargaining power substantially. 

Leverage on our group network for volume. Only with volume, can we negotiate for bulk purchase discounts at wholesale prices.

As the saying goes, “A fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others”. Likewise, Only A Fool Buys at Normal Retail Price. The Smart Buyers Leverage the Network of Others and Buy at Bulk Purchase Price.