Why the Oversupply of Housing?

The number ONE objection coming from the market place – Huge Oversupply!

Supply of New Housing Units

Singapore’s private property vacancy rate hit a 10-year high of 8.1% – URA data

Ever seriously sit down and analyse why the huge oversupply of housing inventory in Singapore’s real estate market? Is the government seriously over-building? But why are property developers continuing to land bank?

When you understand why the current housing oversupply has a lot to do with government’s policy intent and direction. You will appreciate why property prices are still stubbornly high. 

The biggest brain drain happening right now in India is not by coincidence. Satya Nadella, newly appointed CEO of Microsoft Corporation is India born. Sundar Pichai, announced as the new incoming CEO of Google Inc, is another Indian born. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen is India born too.

The biggest technology companies in the world are drawing upon the best and the brightest talent in the biggest land of opportunity. The rise of India born CEOs speaks volumes on meritocracy in Silicon Valley.

Singapore is but only a small little red dot without any natural resources; human resources is our only capital.

How we can continue to maintain and increase our current competitiveness is to create the biggest brain drain by attracting the best, the brightest and the most entrepreneurial people right here in Singapore. It is not by chance that Singapore is home to Asian headquarters of major U.S. corporations such as Google, Uber, Facebook and General Motors.

Although Singapore prides herself as one of meritocracy society, the harsh economic reality is such that we are subject to forces of globalisation and we are also just one of the many capitalistic society.

Welcome to 6.9 Million…

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