Jurong Lake District The 2nd Central Business District

High Speed Rail

“Jurong is set to be transformed. The KL-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) terminus will be sited at Jurong East. The HSR will draw Singapore and Malaysia closer, and the terminus will stimulate developments all around it. Jurong East will become a 2nd Central Business District...”

PM Lee Hsien Loong

Singapore, Malaysia agree on High Speed Rail link

Jurong Lake District has received much media spotlight and government focus in recent years. If you are a farsighted investor, you must know why the 'Jurong Lake Story' development plans have been played out in the mass media again and again.

Jurong Lake District

Under the new URA Masterplan Jurong Lakeside District is set to become Singapore’s largest commercial hub outside the Central Business District. Which means Jurong is going to be the 2nd CBD.

The 360 ha Jurong Lake District is also being fashioned into a chic mini-metropolis of the future, with offices, hotels and housing boasting lake-views, retail, leisure and other amenities. In all, 500,000 sq m of office space and 250,000 sq m of retail, F&B and entertainment space is expected to be available eventually.

Comprising Jurong Gateway and Lakeside, the vast area, when developed over the coming decade or so, will feature several new commercial malls like JEM, Westgate and JCube, 2 hospitals and a 550 rooms hotel.

Genting unit Tamerton already had a grand opening on 27 May 2015.

Genting Jurong
When substantially developed in the next 10 to 15 years, at least 1,000 new homes will also sprout in Jurong Gateway, making it a prime area to live, work and play. New public housing is also on the cards in the vicinity of Jurong Lake District. These include 1,200 new flats by 2015, as well as private developments such as the Caspian and Lakefront Residences and currently new launch Lakeview.
New Face of Jurong

If you have been living in Jurong, you would have witnessed the huge capital appreciation enjoyed by both homeowners and investors alike. Be it economic recession or boom times, private properties around Jurong Lake has proven itself to be resilient and a good long term bet.

Jurong Lake District is always a hotspot, not just for investors but also a hotbed for HDB upgraders. Lake Life, a new executive condo saw a 95% sold out on 1st day launch.

If you can recall in year 2013, J Gateway was also launched with an overwhelming 100% sell out on 1 day by MCL Land. They averaged about $1650+ psf

Bullish Prices for Jurong Condo
Dense Population

Lakeview is currently the latest new residential project development launched by MCL land. MCL Land paid $651.30 per square foot per plot ratio for this land plot at Jurong West St 41, beating 11 other competitors. $1085 psf ppr is the breakeven price for the developer.

A risk premium plus shareholders profit should be mark up in the range of 20 ~ 25% depending on market conditions. That would translate into ultimate selling price of $1302 ~ $1356 psf.

Property developers have shown that they still want a piece of Jurong. Jurong West Street 41 Parcel B closed its tender with MCL Land topping the list once again with a tender price of $338m or $630 psf ppr

HSR Projects

The High Speed Rail (HSR) terminus between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore being sited in Jurong East and linked up with the new MRT lines (Jurong Region Line & Cross Island Line), is going to be a game changer which will make Jurong Lake District a high connectivity within Singapore and beyond.

New Rail gives Jurong fresh impetus

Malaysia today has a population of 29 million people. Assuming a 1% of the population travels between our two cities on a daily, monthly basis. Imagine all the hustle and bustle of commercial spin offs and economic activities that are happening right in the heart of Jurong Lake District with just a 1% of the Malaysian population.

Currently we have more than 1.2 million visitors from Malaysia on an annual basis. By the way Singapore F1 Grand Prix brought in on average 200,000 tourist and visitors during the 5 day races.

Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Chairman of Genting Group, a Malaysian company, surely sees great business opportunities and the economic spin offs (Jurong Innovation District - Industrial Park of the Future) by setting up shop in Jurong.

Jurong Innovation District

Property Bulk Purchase

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