Invest Singapore

Why You Should Continue to Invest in Singapore

World Bank 2016 Report listed Singapore as the world’s best and easiest place to do business. Singapore has consistently been acknowledged as a global business hub and a world class city state. Singapore has made waves in the international community for its business excellence, well developed infrastructure, open business policies, a skilled workforce, political stability and its great rule of law.

Many multinational companies have chosen to set up their regional headquarters here in Singapore as a springboard and gateway to Asia. Business owners all over the world regard Singapore as the most ideal location to grow their businesses in order to tap into emerging Asian markets.

As new wave of globalisation heats up, Singapore will always be in a global talent war. Singapore is but only a shiny little red dot without any natural resources. With a small domestic market, we have no choice but to import foreign talents. Human resources is our only resource. Global foreign talents who can contribute are always welcome to live, work and play here in cosmopolitan Singapore.

As a meritocratic society that embraces cultural diversity, Singaporeans enjoys a high quality of life and a high standard of living in this sunny island city. Singapore was recently ranked the 7th Most Livable City in the world and only 2nd in Asia. Our good air quality, safe & secure environment, solid public transport infrastructure, world class medical facilities and low crime rate are qualities that are not easily duplicated or found in other metropolitan cities.

Welcome to Singapore – Asia’s Most Livable City