Health City Novena

Singapore Property Hotspot – Health City Novena

District 11 –  Novena, Newton, Thomson

Health City Novena is the integrated healthcare master plan development in Singapore. Novena has been earmarked to be Singapore’s biggest healthcare complex by 2030.

This initiative for a public sector project will be the largest for a healthcare industry. More facilities, medical services and number of beds will be added. Health City Novena aims to be at the forefront of new healthcare technologies and to shape the future of healthcare for all Singaporeans.

Health City Novena

This facility directly near Novena MRT, will help to tackle the expected rise in demand and the flourishing medical tourism in the region. All buildings will be interlinked at three levels – above ground, street level and basement for integrated connectivity. This will ensure all visitors and patients and traffic flows are smooth.

Medical Tourists

Novena’s growing medical hub status can only help boost rentability of the properties around the area. With Oasia Hotel next door coming up and opening of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, more private medical operators are planning to set up shop. Novena Medical Centre, Novena Specialist Centre, Thomson Medical Centre are all operating near to full occupancy.

With an integrated healthcare model, the transfer of patients, information, training and Research & Development will be seamless through efficient use of resources. As Singapore moves towards a greying population, Health City Novena looks forward to delivering greater innovation and effective ways to deliver healthcare for all.