Forward Pricing

Buying a property is very different when compared to buying in the stock market. You must be forward looking. You pay for forward prices and not backward prices.

In a period of inflationary age, as long as interest rates remain low, the Federal Reserve and Central Banks around the world will continue to print money to maintain economic activity.

As more dollars are printed, their appeal as a store value of wealth naturally declines. That is the reason why Banks are paying you peanuts for depositing your money with them. And as more and more money is printed, the financial system is flushed with “hot money”. These “hot money” essentially becomes speculative capital inflows.

However Gold, Silver, and other hard commodity assets cannot be printed. Their scarcity and long history means they are always highly sought-after as safe investments. Therefore the uptrend in commodity assets will continue to run up in prices. Gold, Silver and real estate properties are great examples. And they have been proven time and again to be good store value of wealth and a good hedge against rising inflation.

Buy on Forward Pricing, not backward prices.

Forward Pricing