Singapore Land Ownership Criteria for Foreigners

A foreign person who wishes to purchase a landed residential property is required to seek Government approval.

A foreign person means any person who is not a –Singapore citizen; Singapore company; Singapore limited liability partnership; or Singapore society. The ownership of such landed properties by foreigners is restricted to those who make adequate economic contribution to Singapore.

  • Applicant must use landed property for own stay
  • Be a Permanent Resident of Singapore
  • Applicant is of huge economic benefit to Singapore
  • Applicant’s expertise and working experience sought after and needed by Singapore
  • Investments in the type of Industry/Service sector sought after and needed by Singapore

No restrictions on foreigners buying properties in Singapore except residential properties.
Foreigners may buy the following residential properties:

  • Any apartment within a building
  • Any unit in an approved Condominium
  • Any unit in an Executive Condominium which is at least 10 years old

A foreigner is not allowed to purchase “Restricted Residential Property” unless he obtains the prior approval of the Minister for Law.

“Restricted Residential Properties” include:

  • Vacant residential land
  • Landed property i.e Detached house, Semi-detached house, Terrace house (including linked house or townhouse)
  • Landed property in strata titled developments which are not approved condominium developments under the Planning Act

Application with Singapore Land Authority > Controller of Residential Property > Land Dealings (Approval) Unit.

A foreigner is allowed to own “Restricted Residential Property” in Sentosa Cove but must obtain prior approval from the Controller of residential property and the unit must used for owner-occupation.

Singapore Land Ownership Rules for Foreigners