Bad News is Good News

Market sentiment is sliding by the day. Consumer confidence has been really shaken. Negative news seems to make all the headlines.

If you are a novice investor, please park your all your money in safe deposit boxes. You should be able to sleep soundly at night!

If you are astute and experienced investor, you should know the more bad news out in the market the more opportunities abound.

Will the market repeat itself again like it happen in 2008/2009 during the US Sub-prime crisis and the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers?  I certainly hoped not. But current indicators are telling me otherwise. Spain, Portugal, Greece and now Italy are on the verge of another financial mayhem.

With so much of bad news everywhere, what should be your position? Remember – all news out in the market are already LATE news. So any more bad news can naturally turn out to be good news.

If you had listened to fear mongers, you are always kicking yourselves. The best news is no news and treat all news as bad news. Only Buy on Rumors and Sell on the News

Get ready for more roller coaster ride!

Bad New is Good News